Awaken Your Creative Happiness Intelligence
                 Turn Your Stress In to "Creative Happiness Intelligence" TM

                        In this “24/7” world, there seems to be a shortage of time. Accomplishing daily tasks is an unending cycle, let alone factoring in time for ourselves, the things we love, or what we enjoy. Stress seems to grow at an alarming rate, and with so many forces pulling us in multiple directions, many times we don't know which way to go. What happens then? We get caught in a vicious cycle and spin round and round on the hamster wheel, never applying enough effort in any one area to make a difference. It becomes automatic and habitual. Let’s face it: stress is a part of life that will never go away. In a sense that is true, but what many people don't know is that stress is a clue, like a warning light in a car. All it tells you is that this area of your life needs some attention. What you need is the manual: De-Stressology
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